About the Owner:

  • What Licenses and Insurances do you carry?

    Owner Mario Flores retains the following licenses required to conduct painting and contracting tasks. CSLB LIC#: 913051 – B (General Construction), C-33 – Painting and Decorating 
    Please feel free to verify the status of his license belowOnline License Check

  • How many years of experience do you have?

    Mario is a seasoned contractor with over 28 years of experience in painting and another 10 years of general construction experience. He feels that even more important than just experience is the continued education that keeps him on top of the constant changes in E.P.A. SQAMD; paint/coatings ingredients and building/construction code standards constantly change, products also change. It’s key that as a painting, residential remodeling, and commercial coating company in West Covina, we must constantly continue our research education and training in order to be the most competent, versatile, and proficient in our profession.

  • Do you provide free estimates?

    We typically do provide our customers with a free estimate. We do however start the process with a phone consultation to qualify the magnitude of the scope of work that you need to be performed by our painting, residential remodeling, and commercial coating teams in West Covina. This ensures that we are the best fit for your project before getting started. 

  • Are you able to provide references?

    We are happy to provide all prospective clients with a list of relevant references upon request. We want to ensure all clients understand that their project is in capable hands prior to commencing work. 

  • How soon do you usually start your projects?

    Project starts are typically calendared after contracts are signed and may vary 7 to 21 days depending on schedule load and time of year

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  • Who will oversee the projections and manage day-to-day work?

    Our clients always have direct lines of communication with the owner as he is very much involved in all managed products. With that being said clients also may see a field rep/project manager. We want to always ensure that a competent onsite manager is always present for all painting, residential remodeling, and commercial coating projects in West Covina.

  • What warranties do you offer?

    All work is backed by the CSLB standard warranty. Extended warranties for work can be implemented on a project-by-project basis.

    California Civil Code section 900 warranties require contractors to provide an express written warranty of at least one year as to the fit and finish of floors, walls, and various fixtures. If a general contractor’s one-year warranty is not provided, the law will create a one-year implied warranty.

    California law also states that the licensed contractor must provide a warranty guaranteeing that items installed under the contractor’s license are free from defective installation. The installation must comply with both local building codes and manufacturer installation requirements.

  • What types of materials do you use on your projects?

    We have long-standing professional relationships and experience with all the major regionally located architectural and industrial painting and coatings manufacturers as well as construction material supply companies such as Sherwin Williams Paints, Dunn-Edwards Paints, Vista Paints, PPG Paints, Behr Paints, US Coatings, Carboline Coatings, Poly-Tuff systems international, Monopole Inc. Lowry specialty distribution(beacon Roofing and waterproofing supply Company), White Cap Supply Holdings LLC, HD Supply, Home Depot, Ganahl Lumber, Floor & Décor, Urban Flooring, Shaw Carpet, Lowes.

  • What should customers prepare for before beginning a project?

    We handle most site preparation items once we begin work. We try to make this process as easy for you as possible. There are always exceptions to this principle of course, however, if anything is needed from our client we will discuss that in detail before we begin any project. 

  • What form of payment do you accept?

    We provide our customers with the following payment options: Cash, Check, ACH, Credit Card